3D comes to all the Windows Mixed Reality at Store for FREE!

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This event is free and will be available to audiences in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.
No ticket or sign-up is required. To attend this event, grab your VR headset and download from the Oculus Store, Steam Store, or the Microsoft Store

This is free just watched Star Wars The Last Jedi in 3D on, yes! you can see the people rotate round as the camera pans/moves round the desk and turn backwards to see the actors running across screen.

This is probably going to be better than the 3D DVD as we dont have any 3D players in the Store for Windows Mixed Reality.

By the time you read this you will be to late for ‘Bigscreen’ Free Screenings of ‘Stargate Origins’ Start Today, Check Showtimes Here
However you can still looks at whats on and watch another 3D film.

Just launch the WMR app and put on you headset, Look left Look right, look at the floor, make sure you can see the RIGHT hand Motion Controller.
Look at the floor and instead of the cliff house you see the entrance to cinema Register your First Name select enter and enter the cinema with your controller.

Sometimes the bandwith is too much for the film and only 4 people can watch a film at a time!.

Good Watching

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