Installed application not showing in Hololens

The application which i installed from the windows store which is not showing in hololens.
Not even the windows default application like setting hologram, etc.,
Everytime i need to go to the portal and trigger the application from the app.
I have updated the device, still the problem not fixed.

Anyone please tell me what is the exact issue in hololens?



  • Can you send a screenshot of the menu in the hololens? The main page but also if you click the right arrow and see the full list of applications.

    (I'm curious what applications are active and also want to make sure you know there is a second page which is scrollable.)


  • @mark_grossnickle
    Thanks for your replay.

    I reset my device and installed back all the apps from windows store, now its showing on my front page.

    And i know there is second page which is scrollable where i can see all my application which is installed, now its is coming.

    I got a new issue now, i have mentioned that below:
    Now my holograms is not loading during a livestream.
    I exported a application from unity which has 4 scenes integrated, the moment when i switch from first scene to second scene i am not able to see anything.

    Any idea what is the issue?

  • We need more information to help you. Start a new thread with details about what you are ding in the new scene. Also it may help to know if the app works in Unity and if the app works on the Hololens when you are not doing a livestream.


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