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Problems deploying with third-party plugin

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to deploy in the Hololens an application that uses a third party plugin. And I have the feeling that the problem might be related with this plugin, or maybe not. The thing is that when I try to deploy over Wifi in Visual Studio, I receive a message that says something like "the IL2CPP Win 32 is out of date", and asks if I want to continue, I hit yes, the process goes on and then it says that there were deployment errors. And the error says that the deployment couldn't find the remote machine, that I have to specify it in Project>Properties>Configuration>Debugging. But at that point I had already specified the IP address of the Hololens there.

Then if I try to deploy using USB it asks the same question about the out of date IL2CPP, and after trying to deploy sends the error DEP6701, which says that the bootstrapping failed with unexpected errors, that there was an Argument Null exception, and that the value cannot be null.

By the way, I'm using IL2CPP because with .NET I cannot even build the game in Unity. And the plugin that I'm using is from Pegasus, a software from Vicon to live stream motion-capture data into applications or games made with Unity.

Any help let me know,




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