How to use the new Research Mode

I was waiting for the new Research Mode and I'm really exited about it.
But right now, the "learn more" link in the Device Portal takes you to an old Github repository for CVPR 2017, and doesn't seem to have been updated at all, so there isn't really any sample or info about how to use the Research Mode.

Can anyone provide with a little bit more info about the Research Mode?



  • I'm working on getting that added to the online doc I pointed to in my announce post. Stay tuned!

  • Any news about that?

  • Let me ask again but any news about that?

  • I'm also interested in getting more information about how to use the Research Mode. It looks like Mike Taulty's blog has some information that might be useful:

  • Hello everyone, I work with Matt and wanted to let you all know that he is working with the team to document and publish more information on Research Mode so stay tuned. Thanks for your patience. :)

  • Any news about that?

  • MattZMattZ admin

    The Research mode article and code samples are now live. Please keep in mind, RS4 isn't officially out for HoloLens yet, so we're still previewing and rolling out content ;)

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