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How to make vuforia Hologram non movable while moving around ?


I am doing a Object scanning using Vuforia in Hololens, i can able to pop up the model.
But its not sitting in a one position, like when i try to move around with the hologram, the model is started shaking and its not siting exactly where i placed, so i cannot able to place other object next to that because of this issue.

Can any one please help me to solve this?


Best Answer


  • @stepan_stulov i attached the world anchor to the object, but when i try to scan my Object target my target model is not coming in hololens.

    If i remove the worldanchor i can pop up my vuforia object.

    Please correct me if i am wrong. And please tell me how to setup the world anchor for vuforia?

  • @sivamurugan

    After load object stop Vuforia tracking service then it will works fine.

    Ankit Sangani

  • @sivamurugan

    After load object stop Vuforia tracking service then it will works fine.

    Ankit Sangani

  • Hey, @sivamurugan

    Ah, I completely missed the whole Vuforia part. Apologies. Basically what we are talking about is combining of two tracking systems: Vuforia and world anchors.

    As far as I understand you're using one of Vuforia's predefined tracking markers (image, vumark, etc.) to initially determine the position of the model. However, later on, especially when moving away from the marker or generally not being very gentle with your movement Vuforia's tracking starts being whiny. As far as I know Vuforia is one of the best marker tracking solutions. It also has some kind of extended tracking functionality on HoloLens where it can utilise some non target-related info to continue being stable even when looking away from the marker. This might internally use world anchors, but that's a speculation.

    Now you can use world anchors for marker-less spatial tracking. Anchors work great and also they can be done persistent across sessions and even devices. This is a competitive system to Vuforia. You're supposed to use the two either-or.

    Now what you can do, is to create a system where initial tracking will be based on Vuforia markers, but later on will be delegated to a world anchor for extended tracking. In fact you can get very creative with this hybrid approach allowing something like re-calibration.

    Hope this helps.

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