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Acer Immersive Mixed Reality - Environmental Scan (Spatial Mapping)


I am using the Acer Immersive Mixed Reality Headset for a while now and I recognised something disturbing with the scanning of the suroundings.

Everytime when I start the headset at a new area and for some reason the area is not scanned correctly, it stays in that "wrong" scanned mode.

For example, in some situations my body height is too low and I am just 1m tall. This is not reversible, except restarting the Software. And even then it happens again and again.

So my question now is: How can I trigger the headset to scan the area again. Perhaps something like in the HoloLens Shell when you Finger-Tap the environment and the HoloLens is doing some scans.

I hope it is understandable what I need.

Thanks in advance!


Best Answer


  • All right. Thanks @JayZuo for the answer.
    I hope that there will be a more practicable procedure in the future.


  • @JayZuo said:
    If all of above can't work, you can then try to clear all environment data to remove all bounds from the device. To remove this data, open Settings, and navigate to Mixed Reality. From here, select the Environment section of the left hand side menu. Click the Clear Environment Data. If you wish to use safety bounds after clearing the environment data, you can set it up again.

    Is it possible to call the function Clear Environment Data within the unity application (from code)?

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