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Controllers is very quickly put battery

Hi. I bought a Samsung Odyssey. It seems to me that my controllers very quickly put the battery. I play one-two days on 4-5 hours and all! controllers are permanently disabled. I use good batteries-Duracell or Energizer. This is given the fact that vibration I never got in any shooter. They vibrate only when turned on or off. I don't know,maybe it's normal, but I had Oculus CV1 and I didn't see such a problem, although it vibrated perfectly when firing. Can anyone share their observations with me? or is that just my problem? What would you advise me to do? Buy every 2 days for 4 batteries expensive segment is quite expensive


  • It looks like a hardware problem.
    There is a more efficient way for you to solve this problem is submitting your question in Feedback Hub.
    Feedback Hub is a Microsoft Store app, the download link is here.
    Mixed Reality Team can fetch application logs directly by Feedback hub. It also lets you provide screenshots. The more info you can give, the better.
    For more specific operation steps please refer to this question.

  • So for anyone still having this problem, where the controller seemingly run out of battery even if you know they are fully charged, mine was the left one, the right seemed to work ok but didnt last long.

    Follow these steps to clean you controller contacts

    You need to clean the contacts from the battery holder to the pcb board, I just scratched a bit with my screwdriver. It seems the contact between the batteries and the board is bad/dirty/scummy film... and as soon as you do this your controllers will work properly, even the right one for me needed it and works longer.

    Hope this helps, it drove me nuts for the longest time......

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