The virtual 3D-model what we see through Hololens is 3D-model or 2D-model?

Here is my question: We know that the 3D-model we see from the PC is essentially not the real 3D-model , it just provides deep hallucinations so that it looks three-dimensional. However, what about the virtual 3D-model we see through Hololens? Is it 3D-model or 2D-model? and can somebody give me some explanation. Many thanks!


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    Hey, @Bert_Yang1

    What you see is a stereoscopic image, which is actually two images produced by rendering from two virtual cameras placed in two slightly offset virtual positions. Each image is 2D render of the virtual 3D world, but the fact that they're slightly different creates an illusion of 3D.

    However, if you wish to go in the direciton of phylosophy of dimensions and receive the ultimate answer, then maybe go deeper, much deeper.


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  • Thank you for always answering my confusion in time, @stepan_stulov

    Stereoscopic 3D image——you mean HololensCamera use technologies like binocular stereo vision?

    So how to define the position between the virtual 3D objects and Hololens(users)? When we pre-build the postion in Unity, what would it be in the real world?

    Aditionally, I also want to figure out the transformation between those coordinates like the Hololens coordinates(the user coordinates), the virtual Hololens coordinates, the world coordinates.

    Many thanks!

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