Problems installing OneNote and Skype; Outlook Mail does not Sync in RS4

Since installing RS4 on two HoloLens devices, I've been unable to install OneNote or Skype. The error message reads 'Something unexpected happened' and error: Code 0x803FB005

Also, Outlook Mail adds my account but is unable to sync e-mail showing 'Nothing has arrived yet' and a bang error (!) over the sync symbol that indicates a Sync Error. No other details and I've tried adding my account a few times.

Other MS apps work, such as PowerPoint, OneDrive, Word and Edge.

Has anyone else encountered these problems or do I have an issue with my account settings?



  • Same problem here. Installation of Skype or OneNote generates the unexpected error.

  • I'm unable to open Feedback Hub on the HoloLens to log this issue. Is there any word from MS?

  • Skype works ok for me but OneNote doesn't sync

  • Same here has anyone got a work around to get skype working with rs4? Or has microsoft contacted anyone with regards to how long the fix will take?

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