HP Mixed Reality Set HoloLens Sensors Driver Error

I've purchased a HP Mixed Reality Set and when installing, the Mixed Reality Portal does not recognize the headset. It keeps saying that the headset needs to be connected. I see a code 31 error in Windows Device Manager which tells me that something prevents Windows from loading the driver, and I've tried to reinstall other drivers as well. But no luck.

The Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app says that all the prerequisites are being met.

Any idea?

Cheers, Sjoukje


  • Please make sure you connect your headset to a USB 3.0 port.

  • Hi SjoukejeZaal,
    Have you tried downloading and manually installing the driver? Here is the link to the 1803 HoloLens Sensor driver that you can try downloading and manually installing in Device manager: http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/D/9/4D9781EE-8896-4C49-B6C6-ABA79D85E50E/HololensSensors_10.0.17121.1001.zip
    Let me know if that works!

  • After purchasing the SAMSUNG Odyssey Mixed Reality everything worked but one day a week later found out the black screen in the helmet and the PC has been restarted. everything starts in the PC monitor and in the helmet black screen.What could be the cause? Reinstalled OS, and Mixed Reality to no avail. and originally worked at 60 Hz to 90 Hz transition was also black screen.

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