Repair Hololens with WDRT but repair failure

My Hololens boot only displays the "Hello" interface, and I can't get into the system's main interface. The use of four computers with WDRT repair has failed.Please tell me who has a successful repair experience or method.


  • Hello. I'm was trying to install the April 2018 update to the Hololens, but the same, WDRT fails. In fact, WDRT was stuck at about 10%. The thing was that the USB cable wasn't good enough. I do not have the original USB cable, and used a 3m long USB 3, but it seems that it is not 100% compliant with the USB standard. In one word, I turn to a Samsung USB cable (the one for my smartphone), I was able to perform the update to completion, and so start to the updated version

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