Hololens with vuforia

Hello, is it normal that when the Vuforia Augmented Reality is turned on in player settings, the app doesn't work on hololens ?? please any solution ?


  • No, vuforia is compatible with Hololens. You'll need to give more details in order for someone to help you. What do you mean by doesn't work? Is there a crash? What errors are you seeing?


  • @mark_grossnickle thank you for your answer.
    Actually when i build my app and deploy it on device, i see the unity logo on hololens and then the screen becomes black but when i turn off the Vuforia augmented reality in the player settings and rebuild, my elements becomes visible on device.

  • What errors are in your console when you deploy from Visual Studio?


  • Also, have you given the app permission to use the camera?


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