Looking for Offshore Software Development Company for Galaxy Explorer Project

I'm looking for a good offshore software development company, for Galaxy Explorer Project. Since the budget is limited, I consider working with foreign developers, any advice and recommendations will be extremely useful


  • I'll only talking from my personal experience. You should do a LOT of research before any dealing. Try to get a more clear picture of behind the scenes by trying to communicate directly with the developers instead of the managers, almost everyone can understand English. I worked with developers from Eastern Europe, more precisely from Ukraine.If you think which company is best to choose, read this article https://diceus.com/software-development-companies-ukraine/ I think it will help you

  • Hi
    You are extremely right that foreign developers would be cheaper. But you also should understand that quality must be on a high level. Due to my experience, I suggest taking a look at Ukrainian developers. Here you can find some additional information about app development https://mobilunity.com/blog/benefits-and-strategies-of-enterprise-app-development/
    Hope that will help you.

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