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Strange Culling and Artifacts - Other Issues

I was able to successfully import a file and get it fired up in Places (It ran REALLY smoothly) but noticed there was some strange artifacting in some places where the 3D Object Viewer had none.

The GLB file can be found here.

I've also encountered another issue when attempting to add another model into the FBX that I convert to GLB. This GLB does not render whatsoever and is well under the 256 MB limit in the article. Any assistance or suggestions are more than welcome.


  • Hey MegaMasterX,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and sample model! Its great to see that you got the first model loading and that performance is good on your device.

    What type of artifacts do you see in the model that loads properly? Are there blank spots, pixelated textures, etc? If you're able to also share that model it would be much appreciated.

    I tried running the model from your OneDrive through a glTF validator and got some warnings around empty nodes that leads to an out of bounds exception with our loader. What converter are you using to generate the model?


  • Tom,

    Thanks for the response! I'm seeing some strange culling on the floors inside the Temple and on the tops of the platforms. These don't appear when you view the same gITF model in the 3D Object Viewer program.

    I used FBX2gITF and the WindowsMRAssetConverter from this article. I followed the guide exactly, even down to the -max-texture-size of 2014. The model was sliced up an converted out with 3Ds Max 2013.

    The first gITF file is the model that loads correctly. The second one is the same with another OBJ imported into the scene.

    The preconverted FBX model can be found here.. This one contains the extra model and is not loading in Places - I can remove the extra statue model and provide that if it would help.

    Thanks again for taking time to work with me on this and I look forward to continuing to troubleshoot!

  • @MegaMasterX said:
    ... the -max-texture-size of 2014. The model was sliced up an converted out with 3Ds Max 2013.

    Meant to say 2048.

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