Unable to move 3D model after latest update

Dear all,

I have been using the 3D Viewer Beta app with no problems for the last months. However, since the last update, I lost the ability to move the 3D model with my finger (in a drag & drop fashion). Now, the only way to move the model is by moving my head (sideways and up/down). This results in not being able to move the model to the exact place I want it to be.
I was finally able to export my 3D models in 1:1 scale with animations a couple of weeks ago, but now I just can't position them where I want.

Is there any way around this?



  • I have similar scaling problems. The slider does not work anymore. Also easy positioning by clicking on the object is not working anymore like the way it used to work :( Is this a bug ? Hope Microsoft can solve this by a roll back to previous version that worked well around march 2018? Maybe someone knows a different free app with similar functionality. Thanks !

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