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How can I disable virtual keyboard in Mixed Reality portal (Cliff House) ?

Is there a way to disable virtual keyboard in Mixed Reality portal?
Especially when I use Edge or Desktop in mixed reality portal, it's annoying that virtual keyboard appears many times even when I am using physical keyboard.


  • Hi,there is no way to disable on screen keyboard in cliff house. But once you close the keyboard manually, it should not pop up again.

  • Hi from2001vr,
    My name is William and I work with the Windows Mixed Reality team. This is some great feedback, and we have heard from a few other people. The best way to ask for and advocate this type of feature would be to go to Feedback Hub on Windows 10 and search for relevant posts and upvote them to get them to the team developing the portal. You can also start a new Feedback item if you wish, but I know there are a few out there.

    • William
  • willb, I'm glad you like this feedback. Question is, will you use it to fix this issue or will this issue remain unfixed? I am typing to you on a real keyboard while in WMR cliff house. I point a camera at my keyboard and then bring it up in VR so I can see it as well as my hands. Your pop up keyboard is a major distraction while doing real work. If I am right, that is the purpose of your creation here: To build a VR environment where people can conduct real work in. Therefore you need to make this a priority if you intend to make this WMR environment functional. Just make the keyboard an option. That's it. In the future you might want to copy the design idea of the Bigscreen keyboard and menu pad. Theirs is far more useful than what we have here. Also Moving objects around in steam VR home makes more sense than the way you do it here. Less chances of accidentally moving objects with your controller. Thanks and good luck..

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