Exporting and importing spaces data

We are sharing world anchor data to create a shared experience on HoloLens. For the most part, this works pretty well. However, we have found that sometimes a device cannot anchor a world anchor exported by a different device. We have found this to be because the space data on each device is different (if we clear the space and rescan, it can then position the anchor).

So, we are wanting a single HoloLens to scan the space and export the world anchors, then other devices load the space data and world anchors. Conceptually, this presents a much more bullet proof option than having all the separate devices have their own scans. It is also much easier when introducing new devices to the environment-- they don't need to scan.

Then the question is: can we export and import the HoloLens space data?



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    Hey, @benjaminjordan

    I'm afraid this is impossible. There is no practical way to either export or import HoloLens's raw sensory data to make it "think" it's its own data. You're limited to HoloLens's recognizing anchors from another devices against own scan. In case you looked into the direction of spatial mapping that's a lossy reconstruct, not the actual sensory data.

    However, there is an interesting observation I made. It may be that you're implicitly loading a space when importing a WorldAnchorTransferBatch created with another device. Looks like transfer batch packs the whole space and how anchors are related to it on top of that. There is also a correlation between space size and the exported transfer batch size.


    PS: I haven't tried the new Research Mode and it may well be my answer doesn't hold true anymore. There is something about raw data streams there.

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  • I'm curious what makes you say it's impossible?

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