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Current state of spectator view with sharing service and unet

Good morning everyone,

I come here because I am trying to develop a Hololens app with Spectator View. I have some difficulties to understand what I am doing while following various tutorials and documentation. I have also several bugs when trying to run my project and I don't what is obsolete or not so I have many questions.

All of these questions concern the actual version of sources avaible in both github repositories MRTK and MRCompanionKit. I mention that beceause of the the commit 12c4bba41d92242f4c9e709bfbeb66b08798ed4c few days ago in MRCompanionKit, it seems to had change many thing on Spectator View.

Is Spectator view still compatible with Sharing Service? Is Spectator view compatibility for Unet ready for use?

What is the best solution between Sharing Service and Unet today?

If I use Unet network, will hololens and the computer connect to the unet network? Which Hololens should be the "game" server, the Hololens of the user?

Is the SpectatorviewManager class compatible with Unet? Does it connect directly to the Hololens-Camera to get its holographic data without using Sharing Service or Unet network? Can Spectator view works (at least for development testing) without Sharing Service or Unet?

In the SpectatorviewManager attributes, there is a section with deviceIds but it seems to correspond IP adress according to the source. Should this field set with all concerned devices IP address?

What is Shared Collection? Is it necessary? Which GameObject should this component attached?

I have two NetworkDiscoveryAnchors file in my project, one from SharingWithUnet namespace and one from SpectatorView namespace? I would guess that it is the last one to use isn't it?
What is the purpose of Broadcast in Network Discovery With Anchors? Are port and key should be configured according to other application's settings?
What is the purpose of the UI generated by this class?

After installing Compositor I get this error when opening the window:
Failed to call static function Reset because an object was provided
UnityEditor.EditorWindow:GetWindow(Type, Boolean, String, Boolean)
SpectatorView.CompositorWindow:ShowWindow() (at Assets/Addons/HolographicCameraRig/Editor/CompositorWindow.cs:113)

However the compositor window seems to work properly so should I take care about this?

Any answer to one of these questions or any additional information would be very appreciated .

Thank you very much.

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