When will the SpatialEntityStore become active on the HoloLens?

The documentaion for the SpatialAnchorTransferManager says, that it is being deprecated and the SpatialEntityStore will take its place (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/uwp/api/windows.perception.spatial.spatialanchortransfermanager).
Does someone know, when that will happen and when the SpatialEntityStore can be used?
Right now, if I want to use the SpatialEntityStore it crashes (and SpatialEntityStore.IsSupported returns false).
I'm used to transfer anchors between HoloLenses by the SpatialAnchorTransferManager, but for the next big project I would like to use the newer technology and not one, which is already marked as being deprecated.

Thank you for any help :smile:

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