WorldAnchor and sleeping mode

Hi everyone,

I have some problems with the WorldAnchors, I saw this post and the save is correct cause when I restart the app everything is good.

But on the first save of my WorldAnchor, if the hololens goes to sleeping mode, when I came back anchor are set randomly on the room. I tried to reload the WorldAnchorStore or refresh the scene but nothing worked. I also tried to check the tracking loss but nothing changed either.

I have to restart the application to make them back to normal. And then, if the device goes to sleep and wake up, I have to refresh the scene to set them on the right position, it's a bit annoying but it works. But only after a full restart of the app.

I guess I missed something about the WorldAnchor...

I hope someone know this behaviour and can help me =)

Thanks to everyone who'll read it !


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