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Disabled State on Buttons using Mixed Reality Toolkit

I'm developing an app for the hololens, and would like to have a button be in a disabled state until certain criteria are met. That is, I would like the button to not be interactable, and to have a greyed-out appearance to show that it is not interactable.

The MRTK Compound Button Mesh script has a color setting for Disabled, but I haven't been able to figure out how to access it. I can make the button noninteractive using button.enabled = false, but that doesn't affect its color. How can I make its appearance use the disabled colors from the Compound Button Mesh script? (The button was created from the HolographicButton prefab in the Holotoolkit>UX folder.)



  • Bump. Can anyone help me out with this or point me towards some relevant resources please? Thanks in advance.

  • mBaxmBax
    edited February 2019

    ButtonState disabled is set on CompoundButtonMesh when CompoundButtonMesh is disabled.
    e.g. I used

    gameObject.GetComponent().enabled = false;
    gameObject.GetComponent().enabled = false;


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