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Acquiring controller 3D model (WRL)

Hello everyone,
I am having issues with obtaining controller models in runtime. I am attaching the function I use to load the data.

First I tried it with Acer AH101 headset. The function is able to acquire the data, but the file seems incomplete or corrupt (when I try to load the file using an online GLB visualizer, it complained that the declared file size in the file header is larger than the file itself). GLTF validator returned the following errors:

GLB_CHUNK_LENGTH_UNALIGNED Length of 0x3781173b chunk is not aligned to 4-byte boundaries.
GLB_CHUNK_TOO_BIG Chunk (0x3781173b) length (1474586085) does not fit total GLB length.
GLB_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_CHUNK_DATA Unexpected end of chunk data.

The model file I acquired is also in the .zip attachment.

The second headset I tried was Samsung HMD Odyssey, and I can't read it's controller models at all, on the line 25 - GetResults returns nullptr. But I can see the correct controller models in the WMR Portal.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for help


  • Hi.
    May I ask which develop environment are you working on ? Unity3d or other?

  • stgFXstgFX
    edited June 2018

    I am using pure C++ in combination with WRL, not even Cx. I am developing a .dll wrapper for rendering into immersive headsets from OpenGL. I got the both the head and controller tracking and rendering working, the last to do is to get the controller model.

    The function I use to get the model is in the first post in ObtainingControllerData.txt file.

  • stgFXstgFX
    edited June 2018

    In the meantime, I was able to locate the model files in the controller driver itself, at least for the Acer controllers. I tried to compare it with the data I get from the API. It seems that the JSON part is equal, but it gets different in the binary part. But still, I want to used the API to get the model.

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