[360VideoPlayback sample error] Cannot render to Right-Eye when connect headset

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I have tried to using 360VideoPlayback sample on GitHub to render 360 video with DirectX.

It's run well on simulator and Samsung HMD Odyssey headset.
But I found a issue like below:

  • Connect Samsung HMD Odyssey headset to PC
  • Run sample app
  • Focus to out of Mixed Reality Portal windows (click to another PC app)
    => Cannot render 360 video to the headset right eye. You can see on attach image.

Seem that this issue come from API. Please help me ask 360VideoPlayback team for us.

Thank you!


  • Hi Ryu,

    I can reproduce this issue in my side and I've reported this issue. Thanks for your feedback!

  • RyuRyu
    edited July 2018

    Hi Jay,

    Sorry for many questions an issues ^^!
    I have added a ticket to MS support center also.
    Mr Ray Wang is supporting this issue for me.
    He said that Acer headset can produce this problem.

    I hope dev team can fix it.

    Thank you!

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