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Launch external Files with HoloLens (Coding)

Good morning,

First of all, sorry for categorizing this question in the "general" part, but I can't ask the question in the "building holographic app section" (not selectable option).

I was trying to create a small application that was able to open a file (either .mp4, .png, .pdf ...) every time you click the corresponding button. To do this, I had created a very simple class that would allow me to open a specific URL (using Applications.OpenURL). It works well within Unity, however, once I implement it in the hololens or in the emulator, the application slam ends.

My suspicion is that by giving a local URL to my computer (ie, c: / Users / HoloLens / ...) when implementing it in the HoloLens it does not find that address and it closes. I was trying to instantiate an object of the StorageFile class; However, being asynchronous Unity does not let me continue, for the following error: " feature "asynchronous functions" cannot be used because it is not part of the c # 4.0". I have tried to create a directive #if WINDOWS_UWP, but it does not work for me since this option does not allow me from unity to put the link of the file I want to open.

So, my questions are: Has someone achieve to open a local file with the HoloLens with a link defined in the coding (or in unity)? if so, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance!

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