Sharing with UNET - can't import anchor

I'm making an app that uses UNET for sharing holograms between devices, but I can't get it to work properly, even in the example scene.

When I start the example scene on the first hololens it seems to work fine. It starts as a server and places the anchor in a place where the hololens was when the app was launched.

When I start the app with the second hololens, it finds the first one, displays the same anchor name and the text says that it's importing the anchor. The problem is that the anchor never gets imported and the holograms are misplaced. When I tried debugging the client, it turned out that importing is stuck in an infinite loop. First, it starts importing then it fails and starts again.

I tried mapping the room as best as I can but it didn't help.
I build it in Unity with these capabilities:

What do I do to solve this? Am I missing some project settings?

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