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Is it possible to stream to hololens a feed from Unity app on PC?

I was wondering if it is possible to have one Unity app running on your PC and then having the hololens' join as "Cameras" and stream the feed to the hololens instead of having the app running on the hololens.


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  • Yes, in unity go to Window > holographic emulation. select "remote to device" instead of none.
    On your hololens install the app holographic remoting. open it and then input the ip address from it into the field in the unity window. click connect, and you'll see nothing. then click play in unity to stream your app

  • Thanks for the reply but I dont think the question was clearly understood, I want to have a unity app running on a pc and then have a different build of a unity app running on the hololens which will allow for the live streaming of the scene to the hololens, so that the hololens doesnt need any assets on its side.

  • Do you maybe know how to do this in unity, so basically doing what vivi said but within a build of the app not in the editor.

  • That is exactly what i am after, thanks

  • Do you know weather it can support more than 1 hololens?

  • I think it has to be 1 hololens at a time. So you would need 1 computer per hololens.


  • ok thanks. i have been playing around with it and it works the way i wanted it to work.

  • edited July 2018

    do you know if the holographic input gestures still work? i cant seem to get it to work, and do you know how i can solve the instability when moving or is there no solution.

  • Gestures should work.

    Instability? That could be performance if it is running slowly. It could also be bad the stabilization plane. What fps are you getting?


  • edited August 2018

    Hello, so the app was working and today it just stopped and the error given is this:

    I have all the settings correctly setup:

    Any advise?

  • hmm. I'm not certain besides the usual restart/etc. Did you happen to change versions of unity between the time it was working and wasn't working? Or what changed?


  • So it was working that evening and then the following morning when i opened the project, it gave me that error. According to my knowledge nothing changed.

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