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HoloLens spatial mapping objects shifting - Geolocation fix?

Greetings everyone

I am currently developing an application on the HoloLens, It’s an augmented reality application used for races. We recreated a real life circuit in Unity to be displayed while racing on a given track. This is all projected perfectly. However when we try and run around in our track, we get a message from the HoloLens stating that it is trying to map the location. When this message is resolved and the HoloLens has mapped the world outside again, the map and all objects placed in the Augmented reality world are shifted. Sometimes it takes a while until the message comes, at first we thought it was because of the speed as we were driving a small car at around 20 kmph, when we tested it on foot it also happened more often than not. Sometimes you could walk to the first turn without a problem, other times after 5 steps it would jump forward and all of the positioning’s would be off.

Is this a problem that can be solved by turning something off in the settings of the HoloLens or code something that counteracts the mapping position shift. Or is this just crossing the limits of what the HoloLens can handle. As it is an outside area that has to be mapped by the HoloLens it is not possible to map the entire place and import it into the HoloLens to be used.
All we use spatial mapping for at the moment is to place our objects and map and move around. If we were able to disable the unnecessary mapping functionalities it might fix the problem but we are unsure how to edit these settings if they are even edit able.

If this is a problem that cannot be fixed by the lacking performance of the HoloLens for this curtain task, we are looking into placing our objects upon GPS coordinates so that they are always on their correct spot, but at the moment we are unsure if they will also be shifted by the spatial mapping message as this freezes the entire application and then shifts everything forward.

If you have any ideas or remarks to help us further our research into this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

If we are looking at this the wrong way, please let us know as we are here to learn and to research the full potential of the HoloLens.

Kind regards.


  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    I think you are trying to push the HoloLens beyond its capabilities. The spatial tracking and spatial mapping can't really keep up with speeds of 20kph. If I walk too fast I can get the spatial mapping error!!

    Are you running RS4? The spatial mapping is much faster and that may help bit - but I think you will struggle to achieve the goal of your application.

  • @mdg , were you able to find a fix for this problem? I'm facing the exact same problem but with much much lower movement speeds. I walked a couple of steps and boom, the map and the mapped objects are offset by some distance.

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