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Replacement headbands, nose-guards, etc?

Hi - we have an enterprise support ticket in with Microsoft to try and get basic replacement parts. I thought I'd post this question on the forums as well just to see if anyone else is in need of parts.

We're seeing normal wear and tear after ~1.5 years of usage. Electronics are perfectly fine, just the headband is starting to break on us. We're more than happy to buy our own replacement parts and do the repairs ourselves, but there is simply no outlet for buying spare parts.

Just wondering if any Microsoft XR team members are on this forum that may know of other routes for getting spare parts, or if anyone else has somehow gotten these from MS or a 3rd party manufacturer?

All of this is considering HoloLens V2 releases in 2019 - Microsoft may never offer spare parts for V1 but I surely hope there are plans for repairing V2...


  • We're having the same problem now with our HoloLens. Apparently the headband is not a part that you can purchase but Microsoft do have spares for commercial versions of the HoloLens to be repaired with. Unfortunately it appears we have a dev version so they are trying to provide us a replacement part but there's no guarantees.

    Sounds like a perfect business opportunity for someone to come up with a better design and offer that as an aftermarket accessory instead!

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