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The 2 little air-tapping hands in Play mode

I am using the recommended version Unity 2017 LTS with the latest MRTK 2017.4.0.0 but I have noticed that when you use the native menu option to configure your scene (as well as project settings and capabilities) the little hands are missing for air-tapping when you run your app in the Unity Editor mode, which was never a problem with the previous toolkit version.

I looked around to see if I could find some option that was missing hand prefabs or something, and the closest I got is the "Simulate Hand in Editor" of the "Custom Input Selector" script attached to the "MouseInputControl" that is childed to the "InputManager" in the hierarchy. This option is enabled, so why am I missing the hands?

I have also tweaked the Hand/Mouse Source Type and One/Two Source Number options, but nothing changes...


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