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Sticky Window in Hololens Screen

Hi All,

I don't know if its strange question but its a requirement for my project. I am looking for Sticky Window on Hololens screen. It should stick all the time with Hololens screen i am talking about 2D Canvas model which will appear in 3D hololens mode.
Is the possible if yes so how i can achieve with this.

Please check the demo on Unity Play mode. Exactly same is possible ?



  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    Have you looked at using tagalong?

  • If you want it completely stuck to the HoloLens screen I guess you could simply let the canvas be a child of the Mixed Reality Camera.
    However, I would have tried using tagalong first, it's less intrusive towards the user, and easier to control.

  • @Peter_NZ Yes i did check it out. But Tag along has a distance and I am talking about Sticky Window directly on Hololens Field of View

  • @tobiasdolsson Ok I did try but it's not working with World Space and Overlay Camera. But i dont know this Hololens is supporting Overlay Camera properties specially for Hololens.

  • Any Other ideas.....?

  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    I am not sure what you mean "But Tag along has a distance". Everything in the HoloLens FoV has a distance.

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