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Hololens can't scan marker on iPhone for Spectator View

I'm trying to test the shared Spectator View between Hololens and iPhone. Following the instructions, I'm able to successfully set up the project in Unity, build for both Hololens and iPhone, and run the apps on the devices. However, when it comes time for the Hololens to scan the marker on the iPhone screen, nothing happens.

The troubleshooting section said this can be avoided by creating all builds in the same Unity instance without closing the window. I just restarted Unity, created fresh, back-to-back builds for iOS and Hololens, but I'm still getting the same issue. The Hololens camera turns on and takes photos, but it doesn't scan the marker on the iPhone.

One thing to note. When generating the DLL files for the SpectatorViewPlugin, the final step is to:

Copy the following dlls from the directory MixedRealityToolkit\SpectatorViewPlugin\SpectatorViewPlugin\Release\SpectatorViewPlugin to the directory HoloToolkit\SpectatorView\Plugins\WSA\x86\

That specific path didn't exist when I brought the toolkit into Unity, so I had to create it and then add the DLLs. I'm assuming that's normal. Below of is screenshot of my Hierarchy and NetworkManager settings.



  • Hi there,

    I am having the same problem, trying only the example scene, no own stuff.

    It looks like the devices can find each other since the permission for the camera on the hololens is only triggered as early as the iOS app has sucessfully started. But there is no switch to another view on neither device.

    My Workflow is as follows (using Unity 2017.3.1.p3):

    • load the 'SpectatorViewExample'
    • switch to HoloLens in the 'SpectatorView' GameObject (if not yet done)
    • build an VS UWP-project
    • switch to iOS mode on the 'SpectatorView' GameObject
    • save the scene
    • delete the GLTF folder (to avoid compile errors)
    • generate an xCode-project (with the same instance still running)
    • copy xCode project to mac (version 10.12.6, High Sierra)
    • compile and deploy xCode project using xCode (Version 9.2)
    • compilation and deplyoment of UWP-project for hololens paralell to xCode parts

    My dlls are within
    'Assets\HoloToolkit\SpectatorView\Plugins\WSA\x86' (no specific settings applied)

    will try on unity 2018.1.x next

  • Ii seems like there is an issue in the github BugTracker regarding our problem:


  • @bjoern I tested with the example scene as well, and same thing. Thanks for sharing the link, that issue has started to gain some traction recently, so hopefully Microsoft fixes the issue in the next release.

  • I managed to make the SpectatorViewExample work in both Hololens and iphone.
    However, if i try to add spatial mapping into it, i have no idea why it failed

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