MTaulty's barcode scanner on the hololens stops working if used with Vuforia


MTaulty's barcode scanner works really well on the hololens.

But I am using Vuforia as well to scan some image targets and later scan barcodes(using MTaulty's barcode scanner). When used with Vuforia, the barcode scanner doesnt scan anymore and returns "not found".

Would anyone know a reason why this is happening and have a workaround this ?



  • Hello - I haven't looked into this when using Vuforia so I'm having to guess but is there any chance that Vuforia is still accessing the webcam and making it unavailable to the barcode scanning code?

    Just a guess - let me know what you think.

    While I'm here, it's perhaps worth pointing out that the Windows UWP now has support for barcode scanning with a webcam. You can find the details over here.

    I tried this out on HoloLens running the RS5 preview and it worked for me there and I put some code around it here on GitHub. I've also moved this code into a Unity environment and it works there. If you try something similar, don't forget to make sure you ask for both "webcam" and "point of service" capabilities.

    So...that might mean that you can avoid using my earlier code and rely only on things that are built into Windows itself - it also makes for a lot less code!

  • @mtaulty is correct. You need to stop Vuforia's webcam before trying to use the cam for something else.


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