Practical KEY SDK — Spatial Customization Engine Released

Last year, we launched Practical Analytics to the HoloLens community and began to receive great feedback from the early adopters. As we dove deeper, we began to see how most things that make up a great experience in mixed reality are heavily tied to the maps underneath. We shifted gears and wanted to build a mapping engine that not only simplifies the complexities for developers, but also provides new opportunities for monetization.

We simplify mapping. Don't get lost with spatial mapping. Don't get frustrated with spatial understanding. Get Practical.

KEY SDK is as close to drag and drop as Unity allows and provides the quickest way to integrate an advanced mapping experience into your application. Not only do you not have to build your own mapping experience, we give you tools that leverage the maps underneath to make your application's core experience better.

  • Focus on your app, not making a map.
  • Expedite your user's map creation with a guided UX.
  • Easily spawn objects with environment context.
  • Prepare for the AR Cloud and a new form of app monetization.

To celebrate launch of our spatial customization engine and the opening of KEY SDK to a wider audience, through October, we will be giving lifetime access to these themes away for free to all new participants. Please note, we are in a controlled introduction period and you must join for approval.

We're on a mission to map the world in 3D and we need your help.

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