Kiosk Mode unstable


I've recently developed an application for Hololens (using Unity) and it is working fine - stable 60 fps, loads very fast, always runs without problems etc.

However, I've upgraded my device to Business Suite, which allows to use the Kiosk Mode. I've enabled it (using Hololens web portal with Dev Mode on), selected my app and restarted the device.
Now strange things start to happen...

When device boot completes, my app seems to be launched - I can see custom splashscreen with my logo. After a while, splashscreen disappears and then.... nothing. I can't see anything, there's no feedback, input is not working... Just like the application hanged and there's only "black screen" (as black is transparent).
Normally, the main menu of my app should appear.

However, when I now put the device to sleep (by shortly pressing power button) and then wake it up, the application main menu will appear (mostly, in about 80% of cases) and it will work fine.
What is more interesting, sometimes (in about 1 in 10 tries) the Kiosk Mode works just fine - after turning Hololens on, the application is launched normally and no above symptoms appear.

Application is working perfectly outside of the Kiosk Mode.
No third party libraries or dll's are used in code (aside from the standard Unity Hololens Toolkit).
Hololens runs the latest update with up to date software.

Did anyone encountered something similiar?
Is there any clue I could check?

Making the first scene totally empty and then transitioning to menu after a few seconds didn't work...



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