Data transfer through USB port

We’re a developer of a research project for the Microsoft HoloLens. We’re developing a software for treating phobias e.g. arachnophobia.

Currently we’re experimenting with sensors like Motion Leap to include better hand detection to our software. Results are quite fine, the combination works well, except one certain weak point, and that is latency because of the fact that Motion Leap sends data via cable to a PC and the PC sends this data via WIFI to the HoloLens. This WIFI connection causes serious latencies.

It would be the best way to use the USB port of the HoloLens for direct data transfer with cable. We learned that there’s no (more?) official way to use the USB port for direct data transfer, but still there might be a possibility for using this port. For us it will increase the quality of the implementation dramatically and would show completely new fields of use for the HoloLens.

An improvement of this latency is crucial for our project, because we’re working with phobic patients.

Any help is appreciated. More info about this very interesting research project on demand.


  • Hello! No idea about this? Are there probably other solutions for our latency problem than the USB port?

  • As far as I know Microsoft does not want you to connect periphals via USB. But there somehow has to be a way because you can upload data when deploying apps. Another solution to reduce latency could be some Bluetooth connection. Because the connection is a direct one, that could have an impact.

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    Super irritating. MS wants don't always align with what the dev/client needs. There are environments where wifi is not allowed or available. I NEED a tether solution.

  • Unless I am dreaming wasnt one of the hololens updates/upgrades actually required the hololens to be plugged up to a pc via usb. So there is should be a way unless MS disabled the capability in one of the recent updates

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