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How to hide the controllers?

I am building a mixed reality / occluded app, and I wish to have the controller become either invisible, or mostly transparent. I have numerous items that attach to the controller, including the hands of my avatar, so I don't want to replace the controllers, I just want to make them less obstructive. For example, my avatars hands have the controllers in them (not holding, but literally IN them) and at one point, I materialize a tablet in the hand... the ring of the controller is obscuring part of the tablet screen.

Any suggestions? I would love to know how to modify the controller to be like 50% alpha or something, but hiding it entirely is acceptable.



  • Sorry, I should mention I am using Unity 2017 with the Mixed Reality Toolkit (latest release)

  • Check out HoloToolkit's MotionControllerVisualizer. Within that class there is a LoadSourceControllerModel. Access what it loads there and modify as needed.


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