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Is this app already in the works?

HoloView: using your phone/tablet/computer, see what the nearest HoloLens wearer is seeing.

First off, I'm super excited to have my invitation accepted. As soon as I received my invitation (wave 4), I had an idea for an app for phones/tablets/computers to be able to see what the HoloLens wearer is seeing. Such an app would be useful, for example, in an education setting where a teacher can wear and interact with the HoloLens and holograms, while students follow along on their phones (maybe even allow students to interact with holograms too when asking questions). It also makes it easier to collaborate when one cannot afford multiple HoloLens's. In my opinion, such an app is an absolute must and the great part is development can likely be done without even having the HoloLens. Just requires a bit of computer vision knowledge.

What do you all think?

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  • @karma_terminal said:

    How exactly a 2d user draws on a pipe in 3d space and the depth is indicated to the 3d user remains complex to understand for me at least.

    I believe they are sending the spatial map mesh to the other device. then its simple matter of putting 3d drawing tools on that mesh

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