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HoloToolkit cursor isn't aligned with the unity cursor

I'm working on creating a UI, however, I'm having issues with cursor alignment. I've attached an image showing the HoloToolkit cursor, which is centered, however, if you look at the button on the right, it is highlighted as if I'm hovering over it.


  • @nax are there any components or children on that Button control that might be overflowing or stretching beyond the button?

    Can you share a screenshot of the inspector for both the Button and the child text (along with any other children that you may have added to the button), it might help someone spot something unusual.

    Also, your image shows the special mapping in Draw Visual Meshes mode, is that intentional?

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  • NaxNax
    edited June 2016

    @HoloSheep Each button has a text box as a child, I don't think that's causing the issue though. Restarting the emulator seems to realign it.. I'm not sure how it's becoming unaligned. Currently trying to recreate the bug. And yea the Draw Visual Mesh is intentional.

    Edit: The bug seems to occur if I leave the emulator window and re-enter it.

  • Anyone have any ideas?

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