How to Sync Holograms in Spectator View

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I've managed to connect IphoneX with Hololens with spectator view demo.
And in another project I manged to combine 5 Hololens with sharing and synchronize Holograms and everything.
So far so good.

But the method to share Position and Rotation is manged by a Player prefab in my other project.
In the Spectator view project I can't use a Player prefab, because the "WorldSync" GameObject is in place of the Player prefab.

Please could anyone tell me how to sync a simple position of a hologram between Hololens and IPhone. All tutorials I found are based on a Player prefab (a localPlayer and a foreign Player which is spawned)

So far I tried to implement a Rpc... -method into WorldSync, but nothing worked.

A simple Tipp would help. Thank you very much for your time to read this.



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