Samsung Odyssey vibration after Windows 1809 update

Hi, since I updated Windows 1809 version, I notice some subtle microvibrations in my HDM. Those are specially noticeable in windows reality portal, in the mirror view (when you put the HMD over desktop table surface)
I reveted to windows 1803 version (previos WMR drivers) I do not have any sort ot fhose microvibrations.
Please could you help me to solve this issue on W 1809 october version?


  • Edit: I attatch a link with the vibration I have in W1809. You can notice it at mouse pointer position, agains the background. This is inexistant in W1803 (I tried it this morning with exactly the same room illumination conditions, hardware, USB pugs, etc...)!AraLxYAQoitghSy6GYw6Omuagrwf

  • I have had exactly the same problem for the last week. Thanks to your post, I realised also that it is since 1809. Let's hope something is done about it. It's not too bad but noticeable if you are looking at a menu or standing still.

  • I reverted to the previous hololens drivers (april 2018) and no more microvibration.

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