Rendering High Polygons Count Model In Hololens

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I am trying to render the model with a polygon count of 800,000,000 in there any way I can render these many polygons
inside hololens without manually deleting the model geometer or automate the whole reduction stuff which can be performed on the various model to reduce polygon
count so it can be rendered easily inside hololens ?


  • I think you have options around either simplifying the model or potentially if the model can be rendered remotely and streamed to the HoloLens then that might be another approach.

    On the first option, you could maybe look to a 3D tool that you use to do the simplification or if you don't have one you could perhaps look to Simplygon (a Microsoft tool).

    On the second option, you might look to something like Holographic Remoting, explained here;

    Or if you need more control over both ends of the experience then you might look to something like the 3D streaming toolkit;

    There are almost certainly other options but I hope that helps a little in providing some pointers that you might look at.

  • @mtaulty Thanks...actual I need to render full fledge big building of 3d model with detail I am thinking of using 3d
    streaming toolkit but unfortunately i am unable to navigate(rotate & clicking individual child etc) 3d model
    inside unity probably because of high polycount...any idea how can I navigate this model inside Unity3d without deleting any geometer or reducing any mesh detail so i can implement 3d streaming toolkit inside my project?

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