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Spectator View Plugin Setup Failed

Hi. I currently want to test Spectator View Example in HoloToolkit Preview and got problem to setup the plugin. My main references are from Spectator View (Preview) and Spectator View Plugin.

The error happen at Install OpenCV Contrib for UWP after configuring x86-uwp

-- Configuring x86-uwp
CMake Error at scripts/cmake/vcpkg_execute_required_process.cmake:56 (message):
Command failed: ninja;-v
Working Directory: C:/git/vcpkg/buildtrees/eigen3/x86-uwp-rel/vcpkg-parallel-configure
See logs for more information:

Call Stack (most recent call first):
scripts/cmake/vcpkg_configure_cmake.cmake:246 (vcpkg_execute_required_process)
ports/eigen3/portfile.cmake:11 (vcpkg_configure_cmake)
scripts/ports.cmake:71 (include)

Error: Building package eigen3:x86-uwp failed with: BUILD_FAILED
Please ensure you're using the latest portfiles with .\vcpkg update, then
submit an issue at https://github.com/Microsoft/vcpkg/issues including:
Package: eigen3:x86-uwp
Vcpkg version: 0.0.113-nohash

Additionally, attach any relevant sections from the log files above.

I'm not sure what cause the error and hope someone can point that out for me. Also attached is the error log. Thank you.

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