Handdragable Issue - Nodding


I've recently created a 2D app for the HoloLens. It is a UI Panel with several buttons into it. In order to drag the panel and be positioned as the user wants, I implemented the HanDdraggable.cs functionality (from HoloToolKit). However, when I try to move the panel it also rotates due to the unconscious nodding I do.

I tried to change the Rotation Mode from "Default" to "Orient Towards User" and "Orient Towards User and Keep Uptight". But then It works even worst; if I implement that case, whenever I try to select the panel and drag it to somewhere, the panel runs off from my field of view and it suddenly disappears.

I wanted to ask if somebody has already tried to implement the HandDraggable option into an UI Hololens app and knows how to fix this nodding issue.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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