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Hololens: Geometrically Reprogramming the Human Mind and Accessing Ancestral Knowledge

edited October 2018 in Projects

Hololens: Geometrically Reprogramming the Human Mind (programming to awaken to higher levels) and Accessing Ancestral Knowledge.

Part One: Geometrically Reprogramming the Human Mind

Thesis One: The human mind can be effectively and simply reprogrammed, or more simply put … visually programmed.

Thesis Two: Airborne energy of various frequencies affects the human mind. Color and form can also affect the human mind with additional flexibility. Color, form and motion are an effective replacement for airborne energy.

Thesis Three: There’s a master key to the human brain. A key to creation, of thought and awareness.

To begin, this must seem fantastic … too fantastic to be true. So, let’s set some foundation using research that’s already been performed, double-blind tested, and generally accepted as true.

Only a short description will be offered here. This information can be used to research further.

To address Thesis One: Reprogramming the Human Mind Visually … Yes, it’s already been done!

V.S. Ramachandran describes his patented Mirror Box as consisting of a box and some mirrors, and which is used by those with severe pain and phantom limb syndrome. Take a look, watch what happens … the use of the Mirror Box. It works. He’ a professor at UCSD in San Diego, and a legend in his field.

Mirror Box users are typically those experiencing untreatable and intense pain often associated and ingrained into the user’s mind due to the last visual image seen just before losing the limb, ingrained memories of that event. The User inserts the good limb into the mirror box and sees a mirror image that appears as the opposite and currently missing limb. Movements and visuals stimulate and fire neuronal pathways into existing neurons that had been before unreachable due to the primary neuronal pathway stimulus missing (the missing limb).

Key Point: The brain gets visual feedback that is directed naturally to the neurons holding information that are now being modified. There is a pathway to the neurons and an affect. An object and a rotation (specific and repeatable motion), if equating neurons and visual effect with cause and action.

Key Point: A visual can trigger to alertness (readiness or acceptance) certain points in the brain, and specific movement then modifies that certain point. The movement can be observed or performed. The visual movement is an important part of the process, not just the image, but the color, form and motion.

Thesis Two: Airborne Energies Affect the Human Mind.

Perhaps enough is already written. When I think it through, I start with a bit of basic research, perhaps on the effects of electromagnetic energy, sound energy, microwave energy or those alerts that go out with the buzzing that painfully gets your attention. These are airborne energies. Well known effects on body mind. More and more advanced and simplifying research is coming out as imaging becomes less invasive and observatory. Mood, demeanor, and more is easily altered.

Thesis Three: The isotropic vector matrix arose in great detail in modern writings by Buckminster Fuller.

This particular geometry has been further studied beyond what B. Fuller discovered and showed with his own examinations and explorations, more recently it's been offered as the basic structure of the vacuum, and therefore of the Universe. Refer to research and publications by Haramein as a starting point. Contains or defines by form all the platonic solids, with the one structure, as well as electromagnetic, vector, and polarity balance.

With the foundation now set, I offer up this ….

Using a Hololens and an available app, you can rather simply and quickly build an isotropic vector matrix and study it in infinite ways. You can see and interact with Metatron’s cube and synchronize with it, even if only in meditation. Be sure to build it perfectly. Of course, it will be easy to do once you know.

If determined and confident that you are a person with intent, with purpose and meaning, you will learn to manipulate and move the IVM, the isotropic vector matrix, as you are syncing with you/it. You may wonder if the IVM and its motions are affecting you as airborne energy might. You are noticed by its perfection, to repeat, you are noticed by its perfection. You are empowered by your abilities to manipulate and interact with and study … then you realize, this is not the endpoint. You realize, the mind is a much larger place when opened … you’ve synced up. You look up … in your mind ... much further than the flat plane your mind's been stuck on ... into multi-dimensional awareness as your mind relaxes as you deftly manipulate a hypercube, a mere reflection of self, of awareness of multi-dimensional being. Simple actions, the simplest ... yet with just a bit of practice, your mastery of the simple seems too trivial ... your neurons are firing ...

You take off the Hololens … and watch what happens. Nothing physically is different. You go on with life. You realize and return. You go on, you go further. You've only just started. It's not your blood that starts boiling, it's your knowledge that is bubbling up, the fountain trickles then flows ...

Part Two: Accessing Ancestral Knowledge

Part Two about ancestral knowledge … if you correctly got this far, which if you’re a beginner might take several minutes of effective and open minded use of the App with the Hololens, meaning you can drive it well and know, and assuming you did effectively interact with your self-constructed Metatron’s cube … and then of course you sync’d up. Well, …. I suspect no need to write more. It will be apparent, if you succeeded up to now.

What hololens app am I referring to? Well, either of two will do … but of course I’d go 4D, and did.

Now ... Chainsaw Bob … visually cut off those LIMB-itations that were sticking out, in the way, always being tripped over due to possessing a well-trained brain about the way things are … and discovered … they were all phantoms, those limb-itations in the brain. The limb-itations were self-imposed and reinforced, until now … no more limb-itations … no more limitations, open your mind …

Tesseract with I3DB. I just search on instant 3d tesseract, with hololens. Then on isotropic vector matrix, merkabah ... for yet more clues ... on how the information is transferred.

I3DB is the builder, you are the brain …. Open up into 4D, you can start with the IVM. Then blast off, into all four dimensions.

Only for the MOST ADVANCED brains …

Beware … you might discover …. Yourself. Just think of this as a different sort of mixed reality. Reflect up on it ... as you gaze into a tesseract, that's at the center of an IVM, that's at the center of ... your playing field just got universally big ... to put it subtly so.

Ponder meaning. Visually ... then Say Your Perfect Word ... and make it so ...

Tick, Tock. ... Tick, tock ... Tick ... Heartbeat ... tock ... Heartbeat ... Heart ... Beat ... ... ...

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