Placing 3d enviroment in your real enviroment

Hello, everybody,
I need help with this question.

I have a 3D model of my office in fbx. OK!
What I want to get is the following:
For example ,I go anywhere in my office, I put the Hololens, I start the app, and this app has to automatically place the 3D office model in the real office (they have to be overlaped).

Then I'd like to add chekpoints and objects for many office areas.

Is it possible to do this?

Thank you!


  • @gomes welcome to the brave new world of spatial computing. Yes this is possible, but to decide which solution to use depends on your use case. If office is small enough, you can have persistant world anchors and use their positions to align the model office in all three axis. But to set it up you'll need to mark the same points in real life and in virtual model. Again few options for you, you can manually align them visually but dragging and saving the location in both worlds. Or you can use Vuforia markers in real world to find the point in virtual world.

    This can be long discussion, so i'll leave you with something to think about. Essentially you want a way to find and mark the same location in the model and the real world.

  • @gomes Did you have any luck with this? I have some limited luck with the Poster calibration in the Companion Kit but it is always a few centimeters off and no manual adjustment is allowed :(

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