Announcing: Mixed Reality Toolkit vNext Beta (v2018.9.0)

After a busy and productive summer (plus a month of autumn), we have just released the beta of vNext!

The source code has been merged into the mrtk_release branch (tag == 2018.9.0-Beta) and packages are now available via (

Some highlights:
• New MRTK Architecture (Core and SDK division)
• More modular (You can exclude specific SDK feature folders without breaking other features)
• Action based input and interactions
• Boundary support
• Spatial Awareness (meshes)
• Teleport
• On screen diagnostics window
• Solvers
• Audio influencers
• Spatial Mouse

Platforms supported:
• Microsoft HoloLens (UWP)
• Windows Mixed Reality Immersive Devices (UWP)
• OpenVR (Windows Standalone)


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