Hello everyone.

The Mixed Reality Forums here are no longer being used or maintained.

There are a few other places we would like to direct you to for support, both from Microsoft and from the community.

The first way we want to connect with you is our mixed reality developer program, which you can sign up for at https://aka.ms/IWantMR.

For technical questions, please use Stack Overflow, and tag your questions using either hololens or windows-mixed-reality.

If you want to join in discussions, please do so in the HoloDevelopers Slack, which you can join by going to https://aka.ms/holodevelopers, or in our Microsoft Tech Communities forums at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/mixed-reality/ct-p/MicrosoftMixedReality.

And always feel free to hit us up on Twitter @MxdRealityDev.

Announcing: Mixed Reality Toolkit vNext Beta (v2018.9.0)

After a busy and productive summer (plus a month of autumn), we have just released the beta of vNext!

The source code has been merged into the mrtk_release branch (tag == 2018.9.0-Beta) and packages are now available via (https://github.com/Microsoft/MixedRealityToolkit-Unity/releases/tag/2018.9.0-Beta).

Some highlights:
• New MRTK Architecture (Core and SDK division)
• More modular (You can exclude specific SDK feature folders without breaking other features)
• Action based input and interactions
• Boundary support
• Spatial Awareness (meshes)
• Teleport
• On screen diagnostics window
• Solvers
• Audio influencers
• Spatial Mouse

Platforms supported:
• Microsoft HoloLens (UWP)
• Windows Mixed Reality Immersive Devices (UWP)
• OpenVR (Windows Standalone)



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    Hi David,

    I've just started using the new mrtk_release branch of the MRTK github repo. But I found out through the release notes that there are no motion controller models. Is there a way to load the standard motion controller model into my scene without GTLF? Not too keen on using the "gizmos" that currently show


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    edited February 2019

    To all of the contributors on this project: Thank you.

    Oops, I just realized this (the first item in this thread) was the announcement for the MRTK vNext beta 1. The comment was meant for the MRTK vNext Beta 2.0.0 packages that were released 2019-02-21.

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    It's 2020 and this project is still going strong but it's now called
    Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) provides a set of components and features to accelerate cross-platform MR app development in Unity.

    Provides the basic building blocks for Unity development on HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality, and OpenVR.

    Enables rapid prototyping via in-editor simulation that allows you to see changes immediately.

    Operates as an extensible framework that provides developers with the ability to swap out core components.

    Supports a wide range of platforms, including
    Microsoft HoloLens
    Microsoft HoloLens 2
    Windows Mixed Reality headsets
    OpenVR headsets (HTC Vive / Oculus Rift)

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    April 2020
    Well this is still going and the updates are at Getting started with MRTK
    Support for:-

    Windows SDK 18362+
    Unity 2018.4.x
    Visual Studio 2019

    has now been made

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