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How do I delete spatial mapping data in HoloLens in c++ code?

edited November 2018 in Questions And Answers

Hi everyone,

Is there any Visual Studio project example (not Unity) or c++ code example that allow me to delete the stored spatial mapping data in HoloLens system?

I want to develop a HoloLens remoting app and when the user launches the app, I want the spatial mapping automatically start and last for 30 seconds.

The problem I am having now is occasionally the spatial mapping mesh won't be rendered and I found out the reason is somehow the spatial mapping did not even start.

I am not sure the exact reason so I want to try if clear all the stored spatial mapping will help solve this problem.

Any help is appreciated.


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  • @stepan_stulov said:
    Hey, @Musa

    While I'm not familiar with C++ HoloLens development in particular, I believe you cannot do that, there are no public APIs for messing with Spaces (aka Holograms) other than manually from the settings.


    Hi Stepan, thanks. I do agree with you now...

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