What are possible solutions or services for app delivery to our customers?


I work for a MMRP company and we are looking to improve our workflow of build and delivery to our customers.

Curently we are doing the hard way, we send them directly the appx foreach updates.

However I have heard some times ago about a Microsoft service where we can deploy applications and the customers would automaticly get the updates. But I don't remember the name at all and I have no more details.

I have tried the Azure portal but it is very slow and buggy, I get full of error and access denied I could not even test it.

Is there any way to get a company custom Microsoft Store with access rights for Hololens Application?

If you have any clarification or idea I would appreciate them, thank you.


  • Is the service that you're thinking of perhaps the Microsoft Store for Business? A feature of the Commercial Suite as flagged here and with its own website here and with an overview here.

    Note the requirements on that page around (e.g.) Azure Active Directory/Office 365 accounts.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you very much for your links. Microsoft Store for Business adresses our needs technically but does not fit our business requirements and policy. We will skip this feature for now and look towards other solutions.

  • SohailSohail
    edited November 2018

    We're using InTune from Azure portal to send updates to our customers and I've found it to be fairly reliable, its just a matter of initially setting it up otherwise no real issues so far.

    I'd suggest creating a support ticket on Azure portal if you're having issues.

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