Severe shimmering in VR. Image smoothing/jitter issue?


Im not a developer but i am curious in regards to tracking and image smoothing what the mechanism is. Currently i am having severe shimmer issues and it seems like the image is always in motion (micromovement) yet is stationary and the HMD's are sitting on the desk. Its happening on the Oculus Rift as well as the Sasmung Odyssey in all games. Is there some function that you need to interact with within windows that are shared across all HMD platforms that could be broken and causing this?

Tested on multiple systems and fresh installs with AMD and Nvidia. (one being brand new only for testing) Currently on 1809 preview

AA has no effect. Have ruled out HW

Here is a few examples.
Observe the top of the menu

See the gauges.

From no VR to VR on

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